West valley boosters

West valley booster club is a non-profit organization of people located in the west valley region in California. It focuses on assisting many social activities in west valley using its donation from its members and the members of the public especially the sports activities, where it is located. We boast quite a large number of members who subscribe at a fee to be members. We are constantly looking for new members in all the time of the year, which helps us to carry out our services properly without any hitches. We are a good way of boosting and supporting the activities done in west valley.

our members are the ones responsible with coming up with different ideas of running the club and are also involved in electing the different club officials who have distinct and independent roles from each other on an yearly. Some of the officials who are elected are in the position of president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, purchasing director and the parent volunteer coordinator.

Our members work on a volunteering capacity, which means that they are not paid for their services. We are therefore a volunteer club which aims at improving the condition of west valley and whose hearts are for the good of west valley. You can join us through our website or through coming to our meetings or events that are held on a necessity basis or from the member’s proposals. You will therefore need to follow us on all the social media platforms so that you can discover where our events and meetings will be held.

In case you have the community of west valley, California at heart, you are therefore entitled to join the west valley boosters club so that together we can do charitable activities to this community thus improving their livelihoods.